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When it comes to app development for both Android and iOS apps, the design stage which involves coding the application is the stage where the app finally begins to come to life. To this, the developer will have to expertly employ a suitable programming language. Several programming languages can be used for coding. 

The average Android or iOS app developer may have their personal preferences for which programming language they use when providing mobile application development services, while some developers employ whatever language best suits their needs for a project. Whatever the case may be, certain programming languages are best suited for certain types of applications. Different programming languages have a variety of features and benefits which show in the apps they are used to create.

Here are 10 great programming languages an Android and iOS app development company can use to code an app.


JavaScript is hands down the most popular programming language out there. It is excellent for cross-platform development which is a feature to look out for in a programming language. JavaScript is extremely flexible coding language and can run outside of browsers. JavaScript can also be compiled using other coding languages which is one of the features that keep it on top of the game.

JavaScript has many features benefits for users such as:

• It is platform-independent.
• JavaScript can validate user input.
• By using Node.js, JavaScript can be used in versatile ways.
• It has date and time functions built-in.


Kotlin is often referred to as an improved version of Java. It is a coding language used to design Android applications specifically. Kotlin programming language is an open-source language that offers unique benefits to apps programmed with it. Its syntax is compact and efficient and it also supports operator overloading.

Some pros and features of Kotlin include:

• Kotlin is easy to adapt and supports Java.
• It is suitable for multi-platform development.
• Kotlin's lazy-loading feature bumps up startup time.
• Presence of data classes.

Objective- C

Objective C is an extension of the C programming language. It is used for developing iOS applications and is general-purpose. Objective- C is object-oriented and mature. This development language supports static and dynamic typing and is easy to use.

Objective-C offers features like:

• The Smalltalk feature makes its syntax the same as normal language.
• The garbage collector feature.
• Its classes are objects.


Swift is another coding language designed for the programming of iOS applications. This language is very popular and innovative. It is scalable and easily adaptable to ensure safety while programming. It is also very flexible and easy to use. Swift can be used to develop interactive apps and some examples of applications designed with Swift are LinkedIn and Lyft.

Swift’s best features include:

• It contains functional programming patterns.
• Swift employs ARC to offer memory management automatically.
• It works cross-device.


PHP is the programming language that is most ideal for applications that require database access. This coding language is open source and loosely typed and can be used for command-line and server-side scripting. PHP is used most popularly for the development of eCommerce applications.

PHP has features such as:

• It is platform-independent.
• Its users have access to real-time logs.
• PHP has the feature of generating error messages.


Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is used for developing Android applications. Java is an easy to handle language and easy to use. It is known for its excellent community support and a wide array of exciting features. It can be used to develop cross-platform applications, websites, games, and more.

Java’s features include:

• In-built and open-source libraries.
• It is an interpreted language.
• Java is a platform-independent and portable coding language.


Python is a classic programming language. It is used to develop web apps that usually accompany mobile applications, alongside many other types of applications and tools. Python is the high-level programming language responsible for some of the most popular applications out today such as Instagram and Youtube. It is quick and easy to learn and use.

Some features of Python include:

• It is an expressive and interpretive language.
• Python can be used for cross-platform development.
• It is an open-source language.


C# or C-sharp is a general-purpose programming language. While it is mostly used for cross-platform development, it is also popularly used for windows app development. It can be used for app development for both Android and iOS. C# is known for being used to develop highly interactive game applications.

C# has many key features such as:

• It is an object-oriented programming language.
• It is simple to use and type-safe.
• C# is updatable and salable.


C++ is a programming language used to develop android apps and native apps. This language can be used to develop apps with functions ranging from mobile games to banking. It is quick and easy to use thanks to the built-in libraries and compilers.  C++ is a high-level language and is also object-oriented.

Some key features of C++ include:

• It is machine-independent.
• C++ is a case-sensitive programming language.
• The dynamic memory allocation feature.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and HTML 5 is the fifth version of this programming language. It is used widely for developing location-based and web-fronted applications. HTML 5 is a markup language that is used to code for the contents of a webpage. This latest version of HTML comes with some features that greatly improve on previous versions such as:

• HTML 5 has vector graphic support which is ideal for creating websites.
• The ‘type’ attribute from previous versions was removed.
• New video and audio tags allow users to add videos to websites.


These are just some programming languages that can be used by an Android and iOS app development company to create high-quality applications. The choice of programming language to use when developing an application is fully dependent on the developers' preferences and the specifications of the app.

Whether the application is native or hybrid or being designed for Android or iOS, these programming languages can get the job done.



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