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Keep your web or mobile application fresh and updated with Aloomic! Our maintenance services ensure that your app is constantly up to date and running smoothly.

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Web and mobile applications need frequent maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance for applications involves system checks, UI/UX updates, bug and error fixes, and many more.
Whether your application needs debugging, updating, new features, or system testing, our expert engineers are capable. At Aloomic, our maintenance services cover every aspect of your application.



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With our maintenance services, you don’t have to worry about your application losing relevance!







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The first step to running maintenance for your web or mobile application is to observe the app and its uses and functionality. This allows us to understand the purpose of the app and what aspects it can be improved upon.


Maintenance Planning

Once we have the full idea of what aspects of your app require maintenance, we can get to work. In this stage, we make a detailed plan on what types of maintenance need to be carried out while taking input and feedback from you.



With the planning stage complete, the next step is to implement all of the maintenance plans. This involves fixing bugs in your application, suggesting new features, carrying out code updates, and whatever else your application requires.


Compatibility Test

Some maintenance processes may involve new software, codes, or updates to your application. This is why we must ensure that the changes that have been made do not interrupt the functioning of the app.



After all of the updates have been carried out, it is important to note that the maintenance process is not over. The application must be monitored for any avenues for improvement that may show up. With our services, you can schedule your app maintenance.

We Trigger Growth in Your Business

With tens of skilled and experienced Web and Mobile app developers, engineers, experts, and project managers on your case, you can trigger sustainable growth after launch. We focus on pushing your business forward in any industry. For more updates visit our Instagram page.
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We Provide Seamless Relations

Our clients love our services because of our transparent and customer-centric approach. While working on your project, we ensure that you’re always in the loop and do everything with your approval. Explore our services Secure Hosting.

We Deliver Timely Services

At Aloomic, we believe in delivering your services on time without cutting back on quality. Our experts complete your project within the deadline and still leave time for adjustments and upgrades.
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Web and Mobile
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How to Know your Application Needs Maintenance

Even if it seems like your web or mobile app is running smoothly, routine maintenance is advisable! Our maintenance services help put your application at the top of its field.

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Why Our Maintenance Services are the Best

At Aloomic, we offer all kinds of maintenance services that are carefully catered to the needs of your application, as well as the present requirements for your field. We will help you keep your app relevant and efficient. Learn more about our services like Cloud Application Development.

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Let us help you with Web and Mobile App Maintenance Today!

Reach out to us at Aloomic for excellent web and mobile app maintenance services! We will ensure that your application remains in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mobile application maintenance important?

Yes, regular maintenance and updating ensure the longevity of your application. Users need to see that you are interested in constantly improving your online product.

How frequent should web application maintenance be?

While the maintenance process covers a broad scope of things, aspects like updates and bug fixes from user feedback should occur as often as two to four times a month.

What are the types of web and mobile app maintenance?

Maintenance can take place in many forms. Some of these are preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, emergency maintenance, and more. Aloomic offers all of these services depending on your needs.


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