Every business needs a website to carry out its marketing activities, but a static website is monotonous. You will need to create a website strategy that will drive your business sales. Web design strategies aim at attracting leads and increase conversion rates. While designing your website, you align your goals with the ultimate user experience.

Getting the attention of users who visit millions of websites requires your website to have an appealing and entertaining web design that matches your values. The best web design strategies in 2021 focus on motion, color, and user-friendly applications as below:


Your website needs to display some movement, either background video or rotating animations, that immediately captures the viewer’s attention. You can have moving images displaying your brand.

Shapes and Colours

The use of eye-catching colors and shapes will reflect a vibrant brand or highlight your services, thus reinforcing your brand while driving sales. A combination of glowing colors with shades gives the design a futuristic look.

Web designs are now moving from asymmetrical layouts to organic shapes which are round and fluid. With no corners and angles, the shapes make the pages stand out.

Oversized Fonts

Easy to read, oversized bolded lettering in your website quickly grabs the attention of the user. Web pages with big and bold fonts emphasize the headlines and allow instant awareness of the message by the reader. The big bolded fonts transform text to appear like an image.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

VUIs have yielded to voice queries in performing online searches rather than through the use of hands. Intelligent speakers offer a hands-free experience to control the lights and select your favorite music through voice control.

Graphics & Photography

By using original graphics on photographs, you can match the graphics with your brand and create a memorable visual. Furthermore, graphics on images portray a sophisticated modern look that is entertaining and is differently interpreted by the users.

Shadows and Floating Figures

The use of shadows and layers accentuated by floating elements adds depth to your web design. The design creates a 3D effect and makes graphics appear as if they are popping out of screens. The users will find them exciting and visually appealing.

Ultra-Fast Load Times

Speed is paramount to retain users on your website; otherwise, they will go elsewhere. Current web design trends have pushed for faster load times as a standard for web designs. Moreover, future trends continue to focus on speeds to provide an excellent experience to users.

Wrapping it Up

Websites harboring outdated designs rarely rank on Google as people quickly leave those sites. Trends in digital space are constantly changing, and prompt response to stay up to date is paramount. As such, you want your website to appear current by designing and redesigning.

An up-to-date website resonates with the visitors and helps propel your brand to stand out. Nevertheless, you do not need to implement all the strategies in your web design. A unique and interactive user interface combines some of the upcoming trends that match your business goals.

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