Simple and responsive interaction controls

We are experts of UX and UI Design in the creation of responsive and simplified controls that provide an intuitive interface through self-explanatory controls and customizable options that users instantly understand and identify at a glance. You need a pleasurable straight forward experience that ensures your users easily complete tasks quickly.

Creating designs that users find attractive and valuable

We help you create designs that reduce load times on your home and landing pages to meet the exact needs of the user, to ensure maximum interactions, retain users longer, minimize bounce rates and increase conversion rates with our UX and UI Design.

We Specialize in
  • UI /UX designs
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Web Apps
  • Site mapping and navigation
  • Figma and Adobe Xd
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Voice-controlled interfaces
  • Gesture-based interfaces
  • Collaborative design
  • Audit Reviews on UX and UI
  • Android and iOS app development

How we work?

Brainstorming and Planning

First, we try to understand and define the problem to provide a solution by conducting brainstorming sessions with your relevant units to understand and clarify your needs. We research competitor approaches and draw sketches to generate ideas.

Through wireframes, we craft a layout and flow of the required interface, then work on final graphics. We design specifications and share them with your development teams. We will design images, final themes, specs, and icons before having sessions to get your feedback and possibly redraw and test until we achieve satisfaction.

As the design process continues, implementation starts. Next is to incorporate styles and themes into mockups and wireframes to present appealing images. The result is a detailed design that is accentuated by color themes and stylish icons. While implementing, we deal with backend functionality first, then connect with UI with complete themes and styles.

Evaluation of the end product helps determine whether the system is usable and easy for the end-user. We validate the product and identify areas of improvement from examining the user experience. We work on user feedback and UI audit reports to design the desired outcome.

Aloomic came into existence as a solution to designing websites that not only stand out in reliability but are also customized to serve unique needs. We believe in providing digital solutions with a human touch.

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