After dealing with revision requests, we deliver the final design for upload.

We incorporate augmented reality into your business strategy to give your customers an exciting experience by manipulating their way of perceiving their world when they interact with your brand.

Entertain as you sell

AR increases engagement and provides an entertaining user experience that increases the value of your products and services.

We Specialise in
  • AR App development
  • iOS and Android AR Apps
  • AR Technologies
  • Employee Learning Systems
  • Environmental Context designs
  • Social Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Industrial design
  • Prototyping

How we work?

Brainstorming and Planning
Testing and Approval

We develop an idea of the kind of app you want and how it will be useful to the end-user. The key things that will take weight here are functionality and the ideas generated from competitor analysis. From the ideas generated, we create a design concept while asking for preferences. Also consider ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Quora, slack communities, and others to get inspiration and validation. Identify your target audience in terms of age and gender. Then research on how they can be reached and capture their interest. Competitors’ designs provide a source to analyze what works

At this point, we build on the ideas and work on the designs. The first designs are shared for approvals and redesigns if necessary. We deliver presentations of completed designs to explain our perspective while you use it to gauge their usability. Here, you have clear insight into how you want the AR to operate.

We upload the designs and have reviewed them while testing their functionalities. After thoroughly testing its capabilities, our team would then approve its implementation.

As the app passes through our quality assurance experts and subsequent approvals on your side, the app is then deployed on the preferred platform.

The successful implementation and your approvals do not end there. We make follow-ups and are ready to fine-tune if necessary. We are available in the event of upgrades.

Aloomic came into existence as a solution to designing websites that not only stand out in reliability but are also customized to serve unique needs. We believe in providing digital solutions with a human touch.

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